80 star tattoos that will win your heart

80 star tattoos that will win your heart

A star tattoo is not only a representation of one of the most cherished celestial bodies in the universe, it is also a symbol that carries countless meanings. Night in nature and with an enchanting celestial glow, the star can be seen as an amulet to combat darkness and the unknown, as well as a figure of rebirth, renewal and evolution of life. But, depending on its format, other symbologies are also properly represented.

meaning of star tattoo

Did you know that the shooting star represents a quick event, but that it was so special that it was missed? And that a tattoo of a starry sky represents both mystery and passion for astronomy? In addition to these formats, there are two popular symbols that deserve to have their meanings properly known:

five-pointed star

Also called the pentagram, the five-pointed star is known in Celtic culture as a symbol of harmony between nature and the spirit, as the four points represent the four elements (earth, fire, air and water) and the fifth from its top is the joining of them all. But beware: face-down tattoos are synonymous with obscurity.

Star of David

Considered as the symbol of Judaism, the Star of David is a sacred figure, seen as a talisman of luck and protection. The design has six points, or two interlocking triangles—one facing up and the other facing down.

In addition to these figures, the nautical-shaped star is also easily found, and represents guidance and safety. You just need to know which one best represents you and choose the perfect artwork for your next tattoo.

80 photos of star tattoos that will motivate you to tag your next one

Check out an enchanting selection of star tattoos, in their various shapes and styles, for all tastes and personalities:

1. This winged star is all minimalist

2. Just like this five-pointed star tattoo on the foot

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


3. In this art, the universe was represented in the shape of the celestial figure

4. While here the figure graced the tip of a moon

5. A single trace can work miracles, don’t you think?

6. This playful design is irresistibly cute

7. When the star is drawn with its glittering glow

8. The Star of David represents protection

9. And it also works as a lucky talisman

10. In addition to being a popular figure in Judaism

11. And it can still be a beautiful tribute to the family

12. How about a star tattoo near the elbow?

13. On the wrist, your tattoo will also look cute

14. This art left the star all blooming in the background

15. See how the star tattoo on the neck was very delicate

16. Behind the ear too

17. This star won the company of birds

18. And these were distributed by arabesques

19. Simple, but it makes all the difference

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


20. Would it be the Três Marias?

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


21. The red star on the bicep draws a lot of attention

22. This one was made with musical notes

23. Look what just four strokes can do

24. Tattooing just below the neck is quite different, don’t you think?

25. And this very tiny symbol on the shoulder, isn’t that cute?

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


26. The hollow star is also cool in this region

27. Keeping track of Saturn and its rings

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


28. The nautical star represents the orientation

29. The five stars with different sizes follow the natural curve of the collarbone

30. This idea had a very strong outline

31. The moon and its four-pointed star

32. Fine and very delicate lines

33. What do you think of the watercolor technique?

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


34. Have you ever thought about getting your thumb tattooed like this?

35. The stars followed all over the right side of the back

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


36. You can tattoo the constellation of your sign

37. And to top it off, include a cute landscape in the drawing

38. The star tattoo on the ear is very stylish

39. And in the hand too

40. Your star will look beautiful with a thick outline

41. Or thin, with slightly rounded edges

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


42. You can still add some colors to your tattoo

43. Or leave it that way, very simple and sensational

44. This star tattoo on the ear got a color in each stroke

45. While this one has all the shades of the galaxy

46. ​​Speaking of galaxies, these stars gain greater prominence in the sky

47. While these behind the ear have a unique glow

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


48. To give that little instep charm

49. Have you ever thought about getting your star tattooed on the back of your neck?

50. The pulse was fully filled in

51. See what fun this all chubby star is

52. A Star of David tattooed in partnership

53. At butt height, to see only whoever you want

54. That detail that doesn’t go unnoticed

55. The pentagram represents the four elements of nature and their junction

56. The little pendant with the best references on the beach

57. Your stars can also represent every special person in your life.

58. This Star of David received a very neat print

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


59. See how the pointillism shading created a cool tattoo effect

60. How about calling your mana to tattoo the same art as you?

61. This constellation of cancer also featured pointillism

62. Then you put your hair up and your tattoo is like that, well exposed

63. Just like these two little stars behind the ear

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


64. Each with a different color

65. And you can still perfect the quantity

66. This idea had arabesques made with very small dots

67. One tattoo complementing the other

68. And this little foot that was even more charming with the little stars?

69. This art made the symbols form the letter V

70. When the stars get mixed up with the dots

71. This art had a wealth of cute details

72. Like this one, in which the result was very different

73. Your stars can also be a detail of a custom design

74. Or help form another kind of idea

75. How about tattooing a shooting star on your arm?

76. An art from the shoulder to the chest

80 star tattoos that will win your heart


77. Or going up from the foot to the ankle

78. … or take this same route to the calf

79. We cannot forget the Cruzeiro do Sul constellation

80. For a depth effect, the stars have been shaded

What’s up? Which star tattoo has the most to do with your personality?

Choose a format that suits your proposal, create custom artwork with your trusted tattoo artist and have a great session!