75 Heart Tattoo Ideas That Will Delight You

75 Heart Tattoo Ideas That Will Delight You

The heart tattoo on the wrist represents the love we feel for someone, a pet or ourselves. They can be delicate and discreet or colorful and eye-catching, in addition to accompanying other designs. Want to get a heart tattoo? Come see the images we’ve selected for you to be inspired!

1. A simple, small heart is interesting for the first tattoo

2. It can be hidden on the side of the wrist

75 Heart Tattoo Ideas That Will Delight You


3. And be open at the tip

4. How about leaving the trace very thin?

5. Or a little thicker and in a different position?

6. It is worth a discreet line

7. A heart tattoo on the wrist linked with arrows

8. Something more minimalist in red

9. Or an option that unites a heart and a smile

10. What do you think of this fluffy double winged?

11. And this one more detailed?

12. Have you ever thought about a little red heart as a second tattoo?

13. How about making a blue and green heart with flowers?

14. Or this super thin line with a red accent?

15. You can also represent the LGBT flag

16. Betting on details in colors other than red

17. In triple and color version

18. Or change the red heart for a pink one

19. It can be a key heart

20. A little heart with a fine-lined superanchor

21. May have an anchor, an open heart and a medium stroke

22. Or a balloon heart with an anchor

23. Can represent faith

24. And the love for your profession

25. Or have the word faith written beside a heart

26. Eternalize the love of mother and daughter

27. Representing gratitude

28. Bring the names of special people

29. Or being in the middle of the word love

30. The design can also appear on its own

31. Or in a flower garden

32. And there may be a sun, a cloud or a moon in the middle of the stroke

33. How about a thin double heart with a colorful flower?

34. Or would you prefer them to be accompanied by a red rose?

35. Have you ever thought about expressing your affection for your pet?

36. May have heart, paw and heartbeat linking the two

37. Bring your furry’s name

38. Having a paw in the heart’s stroke

39. A very prominent paw and a heart with a thick line

40. Or be very delicate and discreet

41. You can express your love for traveling with your best friend

42. It can be big, with the plane’s path drawing the heart

43. Or very small and with a thin line

44. What if it’s a double tattoo with colored hearts?

45. A realistic heart has its charm

46. ​​Can be more discreet

47. And it looks beautiful with initials inside the design

48. These four hearts represent love for children and are discreet

49. How about four colored hearts?

50. Doubles have a discreet touch

51. Could be two hearts in black with a red detail

52. Having a blue flower connecting one of the hearts

53. It’s also worth betting on a double, but delicate layout

54. How about black and white lines?

55. Have you ever thought about a watercolor tattoo?

56. Or invest in a triple heart with red detailing

57. You can include other drawings complementing the second heart

58. There are options for those looking for triple hearts

59. Including three hearts in black strokes

60. May have the infinity symbol together

61. Or remember a red rosebush

62. Being accompanied by a butterfly

63. Talking about the love of music

64. Or the love of life

65. How about this one that resembles a fingerprint?

66. It’s also a cool option to get a tattoo with your best friend

67. Or do you like something discreet and with a stronger stroke?

68. If you prefer something more flashy, you can also bet on style

69. Fewer words and more love, do you agree?

70. How about the heart with an initial inside to honor the children?

71. It can also be a very small one

72. Or tiny and double

73. A different detail on that family tattoo

74. How about a ball of yarn heart?

75. Finally, a perfect super-delicate dotted heart design

There were so many heart tattoo options on the wrist that you may have selected several for inspiration. Now, come see our butterfly tattoo suggestions too !