56 Cool Tattoos: Meanings, Designs, Images

56 Cool Tattoos: Meanings, Designs, Images

Here in the blog , has posted tattoos simple , tattoos ridiculous and crazy tattoos ; today we’re going to check out a gallery with cool tattoos; that is, creative tattoos, funny, manners, pretty and everything else. Let’s check it out?

Cool Tattoo

Mixing two different concepts is one of the ways to come up with cool designs for tattoos. In the case below, a balloon was mixed with an anchor:

Cool Tattoo 02

Another idea is to bring symbols from one context to an entirely different one. This is the case of tattoos that play with metalanguage:



These are the so-called biomechanical tattoos that, like the previous one, make use of metalinguistic resources:

Cool Tattoo 04

A gigantic eagle with twilight in the background. A show of colors. A really cool tattoo:


Another tattoo that plays with metalanguage in a very creative end result:


For photography lovers:


The dragons. A fashion that never passes in the world of tattoos:


A minimalist mention of the friendliest little wizard in the world:


Here it is an idea worthy of applause. The girl mixed a feather with birds, where the birds transubstantiate into feather. Or rather, the opposite:


References to the world of video games, cinema and comics have been gaining more space in the world of tattoos due to the rise of geeks and nerds in pop culture :


Secret (or discrete) Societies have been the subject of countless references in pop culture, both for their mystery and for their presence in all spheres. Freemasonry, for example, has a foot in the US dollar bill. Some honor such secret societies in the body:


Crowns were tattoos made a lot in the 80s. Today, the lines have changed, but trends continue:


Another reference in the gaming world :


Simple and sophisticated:


Hyperrealistic Tattoos:


Batman + Lego =



Another reference to pop culture:


A reference to cyber-culture :


To finish our gallery, here are some rather curious tattoos. They are temporary tattoos that come off with time. A fashion that broke out there