The meaning of butterfly tattoo

Collection of 100 Most Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos in the World Art
Collection Of 100 Most Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos In The World Art 21

For those who love or who are curious to know what, exactly, the meaning of the butterfly tattoo is, we brought many inspirations (in the middle and at the end of the article) and, of course, we will tell you the real meaning of this animal that parades in many tattoos out there.

“The butterfly is considered the symbol of transformation . Among others, it symbolizes happiness, beauty, inconstancy, ephemeral nature and renewal.
The stages of this insect ( caterpillar , chrysalis and butterfly ) mean respectively life , death and resurrection , that is, the Christian metamorphosis .”

Furthermore, the butterfly tattoo can also mean FREEDOM. But all this can vary, depending on the color of the butterfly.

meaning of blue butterfly tattoo

“It refers to the metamorphosis, therefore, of the transformation that human beings undergo throughout their lives, not only physical (growth), but also social (change of work, marriage, birth of a child, among others). The blue butterfly is considered by many to be the lucky butterfly.”

Meaning of colorful butterfly tattoo

Colored butterflies are responsible for bringing joy and happiness.

meaning of black butterfly tattoo

They are said to be the messengers of death and can even symbolize a reincarnated witch.

Meaning of Yellow Butterfly Tattoo

“It symbolizes a new life, in an analogy to spring flowers, whose predominant color is yellow.”

meaning of white butterfly tattoo

The white butterfly symbolizes serenity, calm and peace.